Q&A: Safety & Growth, Practice Time, Defense & Law



Part 1

Q: Does trying to Live Safe Thwart our Growth?

Living and Learning through our Experiences

Living out Your Destiny Despite Creation of Safety Laws

Accidents happen when People Don’t Stay Alert

Part 2

A Little Wisdom Goes a Long Way: Examining Cause & Effect

Need in Society to Teach People to Think for Themselves

Must Laws be Created to Keep us Safe from Ourselves?

The Real Goal of Practice

Ba Gua Zhang: The Art of Change

What is Required of us as Humans to have Less Need of Laws

Part 3

When is a good time of day to Practice Kung Fu in Summertime?

Paying Attention to how you Feel when you Practice During certain times

Learning to Mix and Max by Prescription – Balancing the Body Out

Times of Year when most Progress Happens in your Practice

Benefits of Practicing on your Own rather than in a Group

Part 4

Q: How do you properly defend yourself in a litigious society?

How People Interpret what took place based on own Experiences

Make the Best Decision you can in that Moment – Can’t Decide in the Future

Learning to Breathe and Center helps you choose Best Response

Part 5

How you see the world is how you experience it

Why Meditation is an Essential Part of Practice/Life

Lying Awake Worrying – Choosing Peaceful Alternatives

Practicing the Things that Change you Inside

Q: What Techniques can you Use to Cope with “What’s out There”

Same Tools Apply Inside Dojang and in Outside World

Part 6

This is a Practice – Trying to Train our Minds to be Ready to Use in Real World

Under the Worst Duress you can get to that Peaceful Place with Meditation Practice

You Get out what You Put into this Practice it Can be Carried to Outside World

Consistent Effort plus Patience: Formula for the Practice to become Your Reality

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