Decide To Show Up



0-7 Minutes
The Power of Making a Decision
The A, B, C’s of Decision Making
Where You Are
The “Path”, What you Need to Do
What People are Seeking…Desired Results

7-14 Minutes
What is the Decision to Show Up
The Small a,b,c’s – The Opposite of First List
Changing Behavior to Get the Desired Results
Conscious Decisions vs. Unconscious Decisions
Why Go the “Hard” Way? Leading to an Easier Life

14-21 Minutes
Excuses, Blame, Jealousy, Fear of Failure
Failure – Part of the Journey
The Decision to Keep Going even when Encountering Difficulty
Using the Will to get the Results
Really Showing up in All you Do – Making it Enjoyable

21-28 Minutes
Every Moment is a Decision – What to do with Body & Mind
Thinking of Things that Make you Happy
Not Believing you Have Control
Fully Engaging in the Moments that Make up Your Life
The Importance of Knowing Self to Make Good Choices for You

28-36 Minutes
Who Loses when not Fully Participating? Causes of Frustration
Demanding Exercise – How many Quit Short of Personal Ability?
Faking Yourself Out and Cutting Yourself Short
What is Your Dream and Can You Take Steps Toward it Consistently
High Unemployment – Guarding Against Layoffs
Having a Bad Day? Make a Decision to have a Better One

36 Minutes to End
Seeing Yourself Clearly- Identifying Yourself in the Talks
Relationship with Others: Being and Giving the Best of Yourself
Sincerity in Approach to Change – Acknowledging the Truth
Blaming Yourself not Others can be Empowering in Ability to Change
Tweaking Yourself and Behaviors to Get Better Results

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