Decide To Stay The Course



0-6 Minutes
Deciding from a place of Clarity.
Do you like your chosen path?
Staying the Course the Decision to Commit
Trying This & That: How do you Become Great at Anything?
Pursuing Goals & Putting in the Time to Become an “Expert”

6- 12 Minutes
Pushing to Practice
Moving from Incompetence to Competence
Choosing your Mountain to Climb
Relationships & Supporting One Another’s Passions

12-18 Minutes
Committing to Your Choices, Your Mountains
What Knocks you Off your Path?
Encountering Challenges: Doubt, Low Self Esteem, Not Worthy
Choosing Between Growth and Decline
Reasons why People “Have it All” and Still Not Happy

18-24 Minutes
Increasing Difficulties and Accepting the Challenges
Wanting to Try Things – Getting to the Top and Seeing
Picking the Right Mountain for the Right Reasons
Changing Your Mind with Clarity

24-30 Minutes
Listening to Your Inner Voice vs. Collecting Opinion of Others
Considering Others Views who are already on the Path You Want
How to Achieve that Clarity to Make the Good Decisions
Recognizing why You Want to Quit your Path
Pitfalls of Taking the Easy Path

30 Minutes – End
What Happens due to Lack of Patience
Not Being Aware of Limitations
Princeton Study on Decision Making
Decisions Based on Emotion – Importance of a Rational Mind

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