Decide To Be Disciplined



0-5:45 Minutes
Forced Discipline versus Self Discipline
A Strategic Approach to Discipline
A Goal, Map, Plan & Time Management
Accountability – Putting Plans in Writing
How to Reach Your Destination

5:45 –11:30 Minutes
Mapping out the Steps Needed to Reach Your Destination
The Goal: Your Choosing
Breaking Down the “Big Picture” into Manageable Parts
Daily Plan – A Realistic Plan of What you are Willing to Do
Doing More than Just Dreaming of What You Want

11:30-17 Minutes
Carving out the Time to Accomplish your Daily List
The 10,000 Hour Rule to Becoming an Expert
Winging it Doesn’t Work – Discipline with a Plan
How to Put in 3 Hours Per Day

17–23 Minutes
Longer Paths to Becoming an Expert
Growing & Changing Along the Way to Your Goal
Shortest Path to Success is Consistency
Smaller Goals – Quicker Paths, Researching How
Goal of Healthy & Fit: Increasing Your Stress Threshold

23-29 Minutes
Finding Direction – Someone to Learn from
Sticking to Your Plan One Decision at a Time
Moving Towards Your Goal in the Moment
Strengthening the Will with Each “Yes”
Accountability: Recording and Measuring Your Progress

29 Minutes – End
The Psychological Power of Seeing the Check Mark
Seeing “The Truth” of Plan on Paper
Sharing Your Plan with Others & Being Accountable
Pitfalls of “Crying Wolf”
Does Your Discipline and Decisions Support Your Plan?

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