That Inner Voice – An Introspective Poem

That Inner Voice

There’s a deep part of you that seems to hide,

It may be loaded with worry, fear, envy, or pride.

To the immature soul concerned mostly with outward impression,

What’s within is unknown, for there’s no growth without confession.

Empowerment comes when you drop all the lies,

And open yourself to more than meets the eyes.

Realize the layers, then peel them away,

Rise up from the darkness to the clarity of day.

In any moment you can choose life or death,

You can focus on the worst or simply take a breath.

And with that life-force coursing through,

Don’t be surprised when answers come to you.

Do you know from where your choices come?

To hear that voice there is a ransom.

Be still, in the moment, bring your attention inside,

And allow that inner voice to be your own personal guide.


Written by Shifu Ahles

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