So Often Forgotten

So Often Forgotten

by Shifu Raymond Ahles

So often forgotten,
now it’s time to remember.
This is the when,
it comes every November.

So easy it is,
no need to cry.
It pays dividends
but that is not why.

When you’re down in the dumps
with no end in sight,
a simple practice
can help you take flight.

Stop all that you’re doing,
you think no other way.
Take a moment, be thankful,
any part of the day.

You don’t have to study,
just to learn how.
The only perfect time
will always be Now.

Be awake to the moment,
it’s all that there is.
The rest takes away
from what’s her’s or his.

There is nowhere to search,
it’s not something beside.
Just open your heart,
you’ll find it inside.

Friends and family
and those you don’t know,
are all being challenged
in the big show.

We are all connected,
please don’t forget.
Because when you do,
you increase your debt.

You can choose to be happy
in any kind of weather.
Love and gratitude,
with joy, go together.

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