Getting What You Want From The Practice & Life (Part 1)

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Part 1
Better Mental Attitude
Attitude effects Everything
Meditation – Don’t judge just practice
Getting more Centered, more Control, more Aware of Reactions
How do some people “push our buttons” so easily?
This is just “who I am” Syndrome

Part 2

What kind of energy are you putting out in the world?
Exercise – Why not just go to the gym?
Limitations of Specific Exercises
What is good exercise?

Part 3

Concerned with Looking Good
Your health is determined by the health of Organs
Improved Concentration
Concentration Exercise

Part 4

Building Self Confidence
Confidence comes from Experience
Conquering Fear

Part 5

Making Yourself a Target for Attack
Weight Control – when exercise won’t work
Finding what works for your body
Nutrients through Natural Food

Part 6

Changing your Habits and Beliefs about Food
“Skinny” Fat People
Weight loss through Proper Nutrition

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