Breath Of Release



Part 1
Watching Professionals during High Stake Moments in Sports
How Breathing can Improve Performance
“Centering” and “Getting in the Zone”
Why are some Runners Relaxed while Others Struggle?
How to Calm Breathing During a Panic Attack

Part 2
What happens to Breathing When Upset
What is Deep vs. Shallow Breathing?
Difference Between Nose Breathing and Mouth Breathing
# of Breaths Per Minute Taken by Average Person
What happens to the Breath During Meditation

Part 3
Checking Your Own Breathing
Cleansing and Filling Breathing Exercises
Good Practice has Results
Benefits of Breathing Properly – Cleansing the Toxins
Breathing & the Lymphatic System: Connection to Illness

Part 4
Experience with Breathing while in Deep Meditative State
Why Lamaze Breathing is White Knuckle Approach to Childbirth
Ability to Breathe into the Pain even during Childbirth
Pain is Stagnation to Relieve Pain need to be able to Relax Deeply
Breathing is the Master Key 

Part 5
When Practicing Cleansing, Filling Stretches & Opens
3 Places You Can Learn to Focus on During Breathing to Further Relax
Exhale Smoothly, Slowly and Pay Attention to these Places on Body
How to get far more Centered than just through Deep Breathing
When Circulation Flows Pain Diminishes: Master the Breath to Master Yourself

Part 6
Troubles & Struggles, Bad Memories & Trauma Stored Inside You
Breathing can become the Breath of Release – Clearing
Deep Relaxation can Release and Escape
Blocks to Your Energy & Vitality
Change: None of it Happens through a Lecture, Must Experience & Practice
Review of Benefits of Nose vs. Mouth Breathing

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