Breath Of Empowerment



Part 1
How do we get “Qi” (Energy)?
Energy is not from Exercise but from Air and Food
Proper Oxygenation of Cells makes every System work including Digestive
Making a habit to check if you are Breathing Properly
Proper vs. Improper Breathing and the Sympathetic Nervous System
Consciously Changing the Body’s Automatic Response even under Stress

Part 2
Proper Breathing Pumps Human Growth Hormones
Better Performance with Outdoor Practice
AC/Central Air Pulls Qi out of the Air
Difference Between Fresh & Closed Space Air is Negative Ions
To Practice Breathing Effectively Indoors must open Windows

Part 3
You want Energy to Live Your Life then you Need Fresh Air
Lack of “Life” in Air or In Food and then…Struggle
Information to Inspire you to want to make the Effort
Natural Response in Body During Exertion and How it Can Be Used
Avoiding a Hernia

Part 4
Relaxing Perineum Point to Release Pressure and Allow Blood Flow
Creating a Hydraulic Pump in System to Increase Strength
Upon Exertion You can Tense Perineum Area to Protect Body Further
Breathe Naturally Creating More Pliability, You can Tense Areas for Strength
Body Doesn’t “Break” when it is Flexible, Pliable

Part 5
Holding Breath -Deeper Cleaning of Cells
Deep Meditative State – Spontaneous Response in Breathing
Yoga Masters – Naked in Snow, with Steam Coming off Sheets
Holding Breath must be Trained Slowly, Building over Time
Aging Slower with Less Struggle: The Breath of Empowerment
Spending Time in Nature & Open Spaces – Get More Energy

Part 6
Why Bad Moods, Tired, Depressed? Breathing is the Master Key
Inspiration Root “In Spirit” Breathing a Gulp of Spirit
Happy, Excited, Optimistic – How can we have More Days Like That?
Breathing Right – Whole Body Works Better, More Inspired, More Productive
Illness, Disease Doesn’t Happen All of a Sudden One Day
Proper Breathing: Consistent Effort Over Time Yields Healthy New Habits

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