Breath Of Life



Part 1
All Life Begins with the Breath
A Bit of History: Struggling with the Breath
Sports Conditioning & the “Silent Scream”
In Shape but Sounding out of Shape
Dan Tien Breathing

Part 2
Story of “The Race”
Realization Dawns with Breathing Cleaner, Smoother, Deeper
Success in Giving up the Struggle
A Life Made Easier: Physically, Mentally & Emotionally with Proper Breathing
Your Breathing when Under Duress

Part 3
Low Level Fight or Flight Response & The Breath
Judging a Person’s Health by How they Breathe
Breathing Conditions Masquerading as Heart Conditions
Mouth & Chest Breathers
Tension and Lack of Oxygen: The Turtle Shell Effect

Part 4
Mechanics of Breathing in the Lungs
Poor Breathing Connection with Fatigue, Aches, Pains & Heart Disease
Difference in Body with Deep Breathing
Every Cell Needs to Breathe & Eat
No Energy, No Drive

Part 5
Having Zest, Enthusiasm & Passion
Challenge to do Deeper (Normal) Breathing
How Shallow Breathing Becomes Habit
Organ Massage with Proper Breathing
Starving Your Cells due to Lack of Oxygen
Increasing Vital Capacity Through Breathing 

Part 6
What Can we do when we are Feeling Stressed?
How to Check your own Breathing
Slice of Life Story – Coping by Using the Breath
Building an Awareness of Tension & Stress in Body
Learning to Calm Down & Ability to Heal Yourself

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