Climbing Your Mountain – The Voyage “Home”

Climbing Your Mountain – The Voyage “Home”

by Shifu Raymond Ahles

We each have our mountain to climb.
Some we choose consciously,
others seem randomly thrown in our path throughout life.

You can choose to avoid – ignore – deny.
You can turn your back and delay.
You can argue and fight – kick your feet and scream.
But you still have that mountain to climb.

Sometimes there is no choice, though you can bail out.
You can say, “I can’t.”
You can choose to die.

But if you want to LIVE…

To be fully ALIVE…

You must climb.

By climbing your mountain you get stronger and more capable.
You experience things that would not be possible if you did not climb.
You can see things you could not see from where you were before.

And you are better prepared to climb more mountains…

on your voyage HOME, or…

in Realizing your Self.

The mountains you climb are inside you, not out.
They can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.
But the decision to climb…

to say, “I can”…

to LIVE fully…

Is all yours.


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