An Inspirational Poem: The Way of Suffering

The Way of Suffering

by Shifu Raymond Ahles

The undisciplined mind,

Judging, blaming, desiring.

Keep it busy with distractions,

For the unsettled emotional roller-coaster ride.

The illusion of your imagined world,

How you think things are or should be.

Listen to the many views around you,

Let them excite you and depress you.

Think and feel according to,

The opinions of others.

Cluttered and uncertain,

You cannot trust your heart.

This is the way of suffering,

Is this what you choose to be a part of?

The Disciplined Mind

Compassionate, loving, accepting.

Still and in control,

The creator of the roller-coaster ride is realized.

The Real World

How things are.

All that is necessary to respond to,

Why add so many more layers?

When the mind is quiet,

The heart is pure.

Then all the other noise,

Can be ignored.

Decide to trust the divine,

Of which you are but a spark.

And the suffering will be,

No More.

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Becca says September 30, 2010

I think that this poem is so wonderful. With a busy life I think that we all too often get wrapped up in it all. I am working hard on finding that inner peace and quiet. Perhaps three children just make this too hard. I will continue to strive for this inner calm. It is such a struggle.


Sarah says September 30, 2010

I strive to have the mind that is disciplined. I find it very hard in my day to day life. I would like to follow that with the fact that yes I did watch your video on excuses and yes I am a big excuse maker! I hope that you do not mind but I printed a copy of this poem for my fridge. I am hoping it will help inspire me.

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