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BMA Weekly Boost Membership

The “BMA Weekly Boost: Break Through Your Barriers To Change” Membership Program gives you access to Shifu Ahles’ weekly online video talks. Week after week you will be getting members only access to inspirational talks that provide valuable insights and information that you can immediately start to apply to improve and enrich your life.

Here is How it Works:
You can subscribe to a 3 Day Trial for only $1.00. If you wish to continue your membership, you will be billed just $9.00 each month. We are offering this low price to new members only for a LIMITED TIME so don’t delay. Simply click the link below to sign up and start getting on-line video access right away. The first day you become a subscriber you will have access to 3 weeks worth of archived talks in addition to the most recent 3-4 talks. After the first week has passed, one new talk will become available per week. You will retain access to ALL the archived talks made available to you for as long as you keep your BMA Talks membership active (The most recent talks are on a rotation and generally available for about a month, until they show up at a later date in the archived talks section).

Start your journey to Personal Growth, Inner Peace & Self Improvement. Sign up for your BMA Weekly Boost Today! 3-Day Trial Subscription for only $1.00.

If you do not wish to continue your trial or monthly membership, you can cancel at any time. Please see our FAQs for more details.